About Us

We, NOHKEN INC., are a manufacturer of Level Switch and Level Measurement, established in 1965. We have a wide range of products to meet customer's demand, with Float Level Switch, Capacitance Level Switch/Level Measurement, Vibration Level Switch. With long/reliable experience and skill, we would solve your application problem.

Message from CEO

Hiroshi Nagashima

NOHKEN INC. is committed to providing Customers' Satisfaction through the Creative Endeavors of the people concerned with Full Respect to their Humanity. These three objectives have been at the heart of our management philosophy since NOHKEN INC. was established. The broad technological background and capabilities of our employees are fully directed towards the introduction of new ideas and improved products that will better meet our customer's needs. To attain our goals, we do not rely just on ourselves. We collaborate with others to further enhance our activities through process that we call " Alliance Management" which means the exchange and incorporation of ideas and technologies from all sources. This powerful combination of ideas helps us in striving for an unsurpassed level of excellence.

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