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NOHKEN Quality Initiatives

Quality is an essential element of the NOHKEN brand. Since foundation in 1965 we have been making every effort to provide customers with reliable products and services. As a part of the activities we achieved ISO9001 certification in January 1998, an internationally recognized quality management standard issued by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). With this certificate we promote continuous improvement of our quality assurance activities. Every employee takes responsibility to improve product quality and to provide safe and reliable products based on the following principles:

・Products and services that we provide have to be safe and reliable, and fulfill the exact needs of customers and the market.
・Quality management systems have to be regularly reviewed and improved.
・Quality improvement leads to contribution to the society and continuous growth of the company.

Our Quality Assurance Department develops quality plans that promote information sharing beyond corporate boundaries and  in addition to ISO inspection NOHKEN factory has historically accepted the inspection and audit of several large industries of Japan.


NOHKEN Quality Assurance Activities

In order to maintain outstanding quality, all employee of product-related divisions must always be mindful of quality in every aspect of their tasks. In NOHKEN, Quality Assurance Dept. provides education programs for employees to raise their awareness of quality, and also technical skills. These programs are designed to improve every portion of our operation including product planning, research, development, designing, prototyping, production, sales, and after service. Carefully observing safety regulations, Quality Assurance and the Quality Management Committee develop quality management plans and internal standards to continually improve product safety. All products that leave our factory undergo appearance and performance testing at every step, and this has been appreciated by customers and we gained customers’ loyalty. To better serve the customers we regularly send questionnaires, and reflect the results in future products and services.

NOHKEN Sanda Factory

NOHKEN Sanda Factory

Automatic Welding Machine

Automatic Welding Machine

100% Performance Inspection (Model VL)

100% Performance Inspection
(Model VL)

NOHKEN has provided a large number of products customized to customer specification. These products have been used in various industries including energy generation, chemical and petrochemical plants, water/wastewater treatment facilities, incineration plants, pharmaceutical, food & beverage plants, industrial equipment, pottery, steel, and metal industries.
Thus NOHKEN by far has achieved a fair size of install base and design experience in the demand for various process units and equipment.

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