Management Philosophy

Customer First

The achievement of a company solely depends on customers.
Based on 'Customer First' creed that requires us to do best to satisfy customer need, NOHKEN INC. find it our mission in the society to offer high quality products with reasonable delivery time and pricing.

Use own creativity

Company shall be a going-concern.
For that, we need to express our creativity to survive the fierce market competition and accordingly Every employee is expected to grow own creativity and use it. Such efforts will also lead to the feeling of positive purpose of the life, job satisfaction and social contributions.

Respect Humanity

Company cause is based on positive purpose of life of each individual as member and at the same time the existence of the company should coexist with the social prosperity.
With this philosophy in mind, we regard individual members and the enterprise hold the common destiny. NOHKEN will dedicate to social development by growing members capability and preparing the chance for each member to make good use of it.