New Release dated July, 2021 for New Product Guide Wave Radar level monitor GW200 series.

NOHKEN has been supplying GW200 continuous liquid level monitors of “Time Domain Reflectometry” principle in pursuit of outstanding reliability and operability.


FEATURE of model GW200 series “Guide Pulse Liquid Level Monitors”.

  • Simple calibration based on “Quick Setting Mode” offers superb instrument operability.

   [Device Mounting and Power-ON] → [3 Parameter Inputs] → [Measurement Start] 

  • Maximum probe length can be 8 meters (as wire type).
  • 5 point alarm outputs are incorporated (Open Collector outputs. Individually set either as NPN or PNP. ).
  • Backlit 4 digit LCD display. (And the housing cover is transparent.).
  • 8 pin M12 connector for cable connections.