News Release dated October 1st, 2018 for New Product VQ20 series.

NOHKEN launched VQ20 series Tuning Fork level switches in 2018. VQ20 series was developed  as the optimal compact size liquid level switch for water/liquids tank control or for equipment built-in purpose.


Main Feature

*  Made in Japan

*  Superior durability and corrosion resistance against many fluids.

*  Almost free from the setting adjustment and maintenance work for operation and run.

*  AC/DC free power supply(100240V AC/2454V)

* Built-in LED is visible from outside and that the unit is with self-diagnosis functions.

*  With the test switch(built-in), Loop Check is available for initial startup mounting

and for the maintenance check.

* Flexible size designation by mm unit for Model VQ20-R2X, the long fork type.