3-WIRE type VQ20 series tuning fork level switches. (Official release date: May 2019)

NOHKEN added 3-wire type for VQ20 series, which was developed  as the optimal compact size liquid level switch for water/liquids tank control or for equipment built-in purpose.

Coupled with Flange type, Coating type and 2-Wire output type this expanded the application coverage. (After 2019, product portfolio was further expanded.)



Main Feature

*  Made in Japan.

*  Superior durability and corrosion resistance against many fluids.

* Almost free from the setting adjustment and maintenance work for operation and run.

*  AC/DC free power supply(100240V AC/2454V)

* Built-in LED is visible from outside and that the unit is with self-diagnosis functions.

*  With the test switch(built-in), Loop Check is available for initial startup mounting and for the maintenance check.

*  Flexible size designation by mm unit for Model VQ20-□□X, the long fork type.