VQ63/65 series tuning fork level switches. (Official release date: July 2021)

In 2021, VQ63/65 series have been added to VQ20 product portfolio .VQ20/VQ63/65 were  developed as the optimal compact size liquid level switch for water/liquids tank control or for equipment built-in purpose.


Main Feature

*  Made in Japan

*  With Japanese I.S. approvals Ex ia IIB T5 Ga (-40+80)  or  Ex ia II B T3 Ga (-40+150) .

* Reduced size (compared with our previous model SG by about 50%).

* Free angle setting for mounting.

* Superior durability and corrosion resistance against many fluids.

* Almost free from the setting adjustment and maintenance work for operation and run.

* With the test switch (built-in), Loop Check is available for initial startup mounting

and for the maintenance check.

* Built-in LED is visible from outside and that the unit is with self-diagnosis functions.