Tubing type and sanitary type of GW100 series Guide Wave Radar level monitor.(Official release date: August 2019)

Guide wave radar level monitor GW100 series was developed in NOHKEN in pursuit of Reliability and Operability, which are both key significance in liquid level measurement. For these key factors, easy access and parameter settings (Quick Setting Mode) as well as Robustness are achieved at the same time.

Now the release of “Tubing type and Sanitary type of GW100 series” expands the application coverage of GW100 series, (Time Domain Reflectometry as operation principle).

To crown all, heat proof version(up to 150)is also prepared to all the PFA Tubing model sand Sanitary models.   This times release let current GW100 series product portfolio

prepared with “Standard type (Rod probe type)”, “Wire type”, “Tubing type” and “Sanitary type” and heat proof version of all above four types.


Main Feature

* Quick Setting has achieved superb convenience and operability in initial set-up & adjustment.

* [Hardware Mounting] → [Parameter Inputs]  → [Measurement Start]

* Current Pulse goes along the probe unit and the spread of the electromagnetic field is small without radiating radio waves. As the resultant benefit, GW100 series can be installed in various narrow space locations.

* The foam generated by Stirrers is not to be detected and just measures fluid level.

* Almost maintenance free and widely application to the site requirements.

* High reliability is offered even for the measurement in the environment with 3.0MPa/+150.