Release of VQ32 series Tuning Fork Level Sensor (VQ32-R & VQ32-S)

We are glad to announce that VQ32 series are newly released on September 1st, 2022 when VQ32-S Sanitary replace and at the same time VQ22-S is discontinued.

On the other hand VQ22-R and VQ32-R are both be put in sales in parallel. (VQ32-R can cover even smaller size application.)  All these switch-over will be effective on September 1st, 2022.

Remark: Flange type and Coating type VQ22 will continue the sales as usually while.


Feature of VQ32 series. (-R for thread mounting and –S Sanitary with Ferrule).

●Wet part is 316L Stainless Steel with Welding.

●VQ32 Sanitary now can come with ISO1.5 ferrule type also (VQ22 only with ISO2S size).

●VQ32 thread mounting now can come with R3/4 type also (VQ22 only with R1 size).

Remark: As final confirmation of availability, kindly consult us for each non-standard size fork length availability and also thread type specification.


As additional to the existing product portfolio of VQ series, which is designed to cope with the demand to mount at small size equipment, process units measuring liquid level as the common feature of VQ, VQ32 will expand the application range to serve the customers use.


VQ32 series are also designed and produced in NOHKEN like the rest of VQ series and we are sure that the release will further expand the area where NOHKEN can be of service to you, our valuable customers.