Guided Pulse Level Measurement
GW200 Series

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Main application

Wide range applications including integration into equipment and use in process units of large facilities

Guided Pulse Level Measurement

Main feature

Outstanding operability with easy adjustment by quick setting

[Sensor Installation]-[Input parameter]-[Start measurement]

Compact housing box

Optimal design for built in sensor of devices, with the compact housing.

Probe length: 8m Max. (Wire Type)

Usable with high versatility to various pits in large facilities

4~20mA DC output + 5 points open collector output

5 points open collector are set as individual function
Function: Level Alarm・Abnormal Measurement・Abnormal Device

Principle of Operation

The sensor electronics transmits high frequency signals that travel down on the probe. The signals are reflected on the material surface, when the dielectric constant changes , and then received by the sensor electronics. The sensor electronics measures the time taken from transmission to reception of the signals, and calculates the distance from the reference point to the material surface. The distance is then converted to analog output of 4 to 20mA DC.


Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual

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