High-Sensitive Vibrating Level Sensor

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  • Vibrating solid level switches

Main application

Fine powders of bulk density > 0.02

High-Sensitive Vibrating Level Sensor

Main feature

Level detection of solids having low bulk density

Originally developed technology enables the sensor to detect solids having bulk density as low as 0.02.

Easy installation

No adjustment required after installation

Vibration plate supported at two places

Two-point support prevents affection from installation, achieving high accuracy measurement of solids of bulk density 0.02

Wide range of types available to suit specific applications

A variety of types available for different detection points and process connections.

Principle of Operation

The sensor has two piezoelectric crystals, one for oscillation and the other reception, placed on a plate supported at two places. Without material, the plate is set to vibrate at its natural frequency. The vibration decreases when the plate is covered by the material. The decrease in vibration is detected by the piezoelectric crystal, and the electric signal is given to indicate material presence.


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