Vibrating Level Sensor
VP11 Series

  • Level Switches
  • Vibrating solid level switches

Main application

Solid detection. Integration into small equipment

Vibrating Level Sensor

Main feature

Flat detector

Detector is a flat vibration plate and only a small portion is projected into the tank, ensuring little degradation over time.

Extremely robust

With piezoelectric crystal, no moving parts are required. The sensor is made very simple, offering long service life.

User adjustable sensitivity

Sensitivity is adjustable to suit specific applications.

Easy installation and low cost

Threaded (G 3/4) and sanitary flange type (1-1/2S) process connections are available.

Compact and lightweight

Vibration plate O.D. 22.5, approximately 220g (VP11N) or 300g (VP11F)

Principle of Operation

The sensor uses a piezoelectric crystal to cause pulsed vibration on the plate. The vibration is followed by ringing.
The ringing decreases as time passes. How it decreases depends on the force applied to the plate.
With material covering the plate, the ringing decreases more rapidly than without material. The sensor compares how the ringing decreases to determine material presence.
The pulsed vibration is synchronized with the ringing to achieve a wide sensitivity adjustable range.


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