Vibrating Level Sensor

  • Level Switches
  • Vibrating solid level switches

Main application

Level measurement of solids, granular materials and sludge blanket

Vibrating Level Sensor

Main feature

Measurement is based on coil impedance detection.

Resists temperatures up to 150℃ as standard

Insensitive to temperature changes

Offers fail-safe switch

Low voltage operation

Detection made at the end of the detector

Wide sensitivity adjustment range

Principle of Operation

Measurement is based on coil impedance detection. A magnet and an electromagnet inside the detector vibrate the plate. Current that flows on the electromagnet decreases when the detector is covered by the measured material. The sensor detects this change to detect solid presence and gives an output.

When the detector is not covered by the material

  • The electromagnet vibrates at its operating frequency when alternating current is applied.
  • Back electromotive force on the electromagnet becomes the largest due to change in magnetic field from the magnet
  • The sensor determines the detector is not covered by the material.

When the detector is covered by the material

  • Applying alternating current does not cause the electromagnet to vibrate at its operating frequency.
  • No back electromotive force occurs because the magnet is stationary.
  • The sensor determines the detector is covered by the material.

Notice of Housing painting Change of Separation model Vibrating Level Sensors VLS

NOHKEN Model VLS12、VLS22、VLS32 (c/w silver hammerton painting) will be abolished by October 2022 and the replacing new models corresponding to them will be VLS13、VLS23、VLS33 (c/w blue color acrylic painting).

Remark: The new models overall dimension, functionality and the other specifications than painting material will remain the same as those of  VLS12、VLS22、VLS32 for the convenience of the customers and users.


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