Tuning Fork Level Sensor
VQ Series

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Main application

VQ is a compact level sensor ideal for integration into machinery. Wetted parts, the fork and process connection, are 316L stainless steel to offer high corrosion resistance. The cover has a window. The user can check operation status through it by LED without opening the cover. The fork assembly incorporates a piezo-electric crystal. This crystal oscillates the detecting element, the fork, at a frequency. The frequency changes when the fork is covered by the material. The electronics of the sensor detects this change in frequency, and gives an output for presence or absence of the material.

Tuning Fork Level Sensor

Main feature

Excellent durability and corrosion resistance, compatible with most of the liquids.

The standard wetted parts material is 316LSS, which has achieved outstanding corrosion resistance. ECTFE coating is optionally available.

No adjustment and maintenance

No adjustment is required even if the type of liquid is changed, and it can be used without adjustment after installation.

AC/DC Free supply power is available

24-240V AC ± 10% 50/60Hz / 24-54V DC ± 10% (Two wire type)
100-240V AC ± 10% 50/60Hz / 24-54V DC ± 10% (Relay type)

With operation check and failure diagnosis function

Operation can be checked externally with the built-in LED. In case of failure, the built-in LED flashes, blinks 5 times and turn off 1 second.

Test Switch is available

By pressing the test button, the operation is reversed, so you can easily check the loop during installation and maintenance.


  • High or Low Alarm in small tank
  • Pump control (Charge or Discharge control)
  • High or Low Alarm in small tank


Instruction ManualAvailable only for the registered members
Instruction ManualAvailable only for the registered members

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