Magnetic Level Switch
HM (microswitch)

  • Level Switches
  • Liquid float level sensors

Main application

Side mounted applications to switch large load

Magnetic Level Switch

Main feature

Insensitive to process conditions such as pressure, temperature and specific gravity

Unlike other technologies, HM offers reliable measurement without being affected by temperature, pressure, specific gravity, capacitance or conductivity.

A wide range of wetted parts materials and designs available

Available in various materials and designs to suit virtually any applications. Interface detection is also available.

High reliability and safety|

Among high accuracy reed switches, only those that meet our original standards are used to ensure stable operation over the long service life.

Principle of Operation

The shaft and the sensor body have a magnet, placed so that the same pole face each other. Repulsive force of the two magnets actuates the microswitch, indicating a liquid presence.


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