Magnetostrictive level measurement

  • Continuus Level Monitors
  • Float Level Monitors(continuous or step signal output)

Main application

Chemical measurement and high precision measurement of blending tanks

Magnetostrictive level measurement

Main feature

Based on the Wiedemann effect

High accuracy (±1mm/±0.1%F.S.) and high resolution

Low cost

Principle of Operation

Wiedemann effect

Current pulse is applied to one end of magnetostrictive wire.

②Circular magnetic is generated, encompassing the entire wire.

③ Magnetic field from the position magnet and the circular magnetic field interact.

④The interaction produces a strain pulse.

⑤ Travel time of the strain pulse to the pick-up is proportional to the distance the pulse travels.

⑥ The time elapsed is measured multiple times.

Remarkably accurate measurement is ensured.


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